Saturday, 8 April 2017

Put the Mind In

I was talking to John Kells a few years ago about the Dantien when I said it never felt right to me to put my mind in the Dantien.

Surprisingly, he said he felt exactly the same. He slept in a special position and for years had put his mind in the Dantien and the Bubbling Well points in the feet. It never felt right and then he switched his focus to putting the mind in the Thymus and the Bubbling Well points, which made a significant change to his energy.

After my Prostate Cancer and recovery from surgery I took (finally) his advice and did the same. It has made a profound difference to my energy and there is something about the Thymus/Feet connection that adds a liveliness and directness to my Tai Chi both in form and application. Mind in the Dantien was, for me, always too slow and had a dullard feeling.


  1. I suspect a lot of people need to begin with turning their attention to the tan tien because they have been living too much either in the head or in the solar plexus where, I believe, we experience fear and anxiety. It helped me to drop my attention and let it slowly spread upwards in time.

    1. Pt, you may be right and thanks for sharing how it helped you.I think the key point is the connection to the feet. You may like to read the Spiritual Password by Princess Martha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng, which discusses three energetic models, the 7 chakras , the 3 dantiens and finally the Heart which they describes as Crystal. There are some interesting exercises, especially rooting the Heart.