Thursday, 19 May 2016

橄榄树 (Olive Tree) - Sara Niemietz

Lovely song and performance. Wish it was longer as a backdrop to performing tai chi to.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

John Kells - Mysteries of Reality

Here is another excerpt from John's book.

Mysteries of reality number sixteen

What reason do you have for getting up in the morning and preparing for that by a good night sleep. Our job as human beings is to embrace the essence which vitalises the energy surrounding us. Embracing the other crushes selfishness naturally. The other is what it's all about. The easiest way to forget self is to remember that other. It is best to start this process as a child, to discipline yourself to remember your mother works, as we have proven. My good student practiced meditation one and a half hours every day, breathing in his mother's suffering and breathing out love. He did this for 10 years. Close to the end he saved her life from drowning and joined her spiritually completely as she died in his arms. This is truly forgetting self and remembering the other, in fact the other that brought you to life. What could there be that is more important or more fortunate for you to hear the truth and great beauty of this tale. That lesson is for life and that understanding is your gift to all the others you come across. You cannot count the cost because the cost is totality. Lose yourself in this and you find the reality that impels you forwards and the love that develops from care.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Two Person Tai Chi

All styles of Tai Chi have various two person exercises/forms which train a number of attributes.

Here is a clip from a Re-vitalise weekend some time ago which shows a number of two person exercises including the Dance or San Shou.

You have to make your way through the form demonstration before you get to it.

About Sun style Tai Chi

Here is a short blog post by Ivan Ang about Sun style Tai Chi and the common misconception that it is a mixture of Xingyi, Ba Gua and Tai Chi.

Click on the link to read


Thursday, 5 May 2016

John Kells - Mysteries of Reality

Here is another chapter from John Kells' unpublished book on the Mysteries of Reality

Mysteries of reality number fifteen

The heart is a spiritual centre of most people's lives. It is a huge organ in the body and is continuously talked about. There is a natural meaning to what it means. We catch ourselves using the word love in conjunction with the heart. Each person has their own special meaning for the word love, so much so there is no accuracy attached to it. The words “I love you" are popular and powerful but the loss of selfishness concentrates all meanings on the other person. Whoever they are, they are your Tai Chi partner; supreme, ultimate, and complete.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Cook Ding's Kitchen: Constant Bear

This is a great little exercise

Cook Ding's Kitchen: Constant Bear: A fundamental auxillary exercise found among the practioners of Cheng Man Ching Style Taijiquan is the Constant Bear. It is said that Pr...