Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Martial Arts Madness

Martial Arts Madness is a book written by the late Glenn Morris. I enjoy reading his books for the way he writes, if nothing else.

I like his insights too.

My favourite section in this particular book is on the Archetypes that can be found in martial arts training. There is the Ultimate Martial Art syndrome, the Keeper of the Masters Secrets syndrome (love that one - know a few of those), Martial Master as Sex Stud ( I keep trying ), the Dangers of Following (come on, I need more followers on this blog) and Faithfulness to Teachers.

With regard to the last one, I think this sentence is especially apt " if you are going to have someone tell you how to live, be certain that they know more about living than you do. Most martial artists don't have what I would call a life. When entering the Master / Student religion - oops - relationship - one should look carefully at who is dependent on whom".

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