Sunday, 20 October 2013


Part of the work in exploring tai chi is to notice things.

Notice connections such as the inside of the shoulder to the inside of the opposite hip.

Notice the connection to the ground as the pubic bone is gently lifted forwards and up.

Notice when you feel connected.

Notice when your upper body feels empty and light.

Notice the heat in the feet.

Notice.......and keep on noticing.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Lively and Spirited

" Being relaxed does not mean being limp, loose or sloppy. Practice your T'ai Chi Ch'uan in a lively and spirited way.

This means being attentive and agile, trying to understand the nature of yin and yang, substantial and insubstantial.

Many people fall on hard or bad times but find that their spirit enables them to live through these times more easily.

As T'ai Chi Ch'uan is practised more and more this feeling of spiritedness will increase, working towards the spirit of vitality."

Excerpt from a sheet of principles put together by an old friend of mine for his Adult Education classes in London during the 1980's.