Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tai Chi E Book

My friend Kevin Parker has written his first ebook containing exercises to work on the principles of  Tai Chi.

It's a snip at £6.61 on Amazon.

Buy it!

Tai Chi Internal Exercises for Ta Ji Quan Practioners
So you've learnt your Tai Ji form and you want to get deeper into the mysterious 'Internal'. Inside this book you will find 31 different exercises to help you develop further using your own form as a vehicle for travel into the wilder reaches of T'ai Chi Chuan.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Touch and Pushing Hands

Sensitivity is a key aspect of pushing hands

I remember reading a story in which a member of the Yang family was admonished for letting an opponent touch his sleeve, which was torn.

This illustrates the need to work on the neuro sensory approach, to work with the lightest touch. If we only work on a brute, muscular level we will end up getting stuck and unable to interpret the energy of the other person before it is too late and upon us.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Hatfield-Chinese New Year - go see this!

Preparations are under way for Chinese New Year, Tickets are now for sale £5.00 cheap as chips and they are limited numbers, Thank you.:)

Yiquan 8

As before, reproduced here with permission of Heron Beecham.

Never hold on to your own ideas obstinately in practice;

Ordinary exercise is enough for taking care of health.


The skill of conducting the spirit comes from a place beyond external form.

The subtleness of exerting the mind only exists in a state empty of thought.