Sunday, 21 August 2016

What if....

You didn't have any arms but still had to practise you tai chi form.

Be more aware of the turning, sinking and rising of the spine with the arms following.


Yield vertically, not just going backwards.

Cook Ding's Kitchen: Dao De Jing, #60: Occupying the Throne

Read this and there is also a link to a free online version of the Tao Te Ching.

Cook Ding's Kitchen: Dao De Jing, #60: Occupying the Throne: The Dao De Jing is not only one of the world's great classics, it is one of the foundations of Philosophical Daoism. A free online ve...

Saturday, 13 August 2016

My Favourite Books

Taijiquan - Body of Knowledge

This is a great little book that I picked up in a Oxfam Bookshop.

It covers the Cheng Man Ching form but it has a great set of preparation exercises (23in all) and sections at the end on breathing, pushing hands, tai chi in daily life and frequently asked questions.

The publisher is Pepper Publications PTE Ltd, ISBN 981-4097-09-8.  Published in 2004

Saturday, 6 August 2016

John Kells - Mysteries of Reality

Mysteries of reality number twenty six

Loss is usually not convenient. To lose the most precious thing penetrates your soul. For a family man that preciousness is expressed through his children, and perhaps his wife, but the children are half him and the wife can be let go of, often without regret. The children have always bled when you bled and have always been there, whether they, or you, like it or not. When there is action without words it can be the most powerful rejection beyond imagination. This reality demands a new life, but the first family took all your available energy. This new life will find you, probably in a new location and with a new way of supporting them. This is quite literally fight or die. Your main enemy is your Self and it is your Self that your family rejects. They have no control over your selfless love, only over their own actions, but you reap what you sow and you have been told to harvest elsewhere. How could anything hurt more than this? The attitude of courage is thrusting the chin forwards. In previous centuries you pointed to your own chin and invited the other to strike a blow, if he dared. One thing from Tai Chi Chuan, “stick” to the opponent and all will be sorted, most especially, to your advantage. This often needs to be uncovered. This is the beginning of wonder, relaxing in a posture Taoist fashion, but lively and active.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Cook Ding's Kitchen: Cooking Up Something

Read this interview with Rick Matz who writes the Blog Cook Ding's Kitchen, from which I share posts on this blog from time to time.

Cook Ding's Kitchen: Cooking Up Something: Angelika Fritz at Qialance posted a list of what she considered to be the 15 best Tai Chi related blogs a couple of months ago, and Cook ..........

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Personal Experience

This is a good read. I always enjoy reading about personal experiences in studying Martial Arts as you can get inspiration and motivation from them.

An example would be Robert Twigger's book "Angry White Pyjamas" which relates his experience in Japan undertaking the Yoshinkan Aikido 1 year course with the Tokyo Riot Police.

But back to Tai chi......


Monday, 1 August 2016

My Secret

You can find all kinds of "Secret" stuff about Tai Chi on the Internet.

It's truly amazing what you can find.

So I thought I would share one of my secrets.

I always make sure I have a cup of Yorkshire Tea as part of my morning ritual. It sets me up for my Tai Chi just perfectly!