Sunday, 11 September 2011

Yielding Moments

To yield is to accept in the first instance.

Never mind all the pushing hands exercises you may know. Try yielding in a busy supermarket to:

1) Two trolleys and a swinging handbasket, all converging on the space you occupy almost simultaneously.

2) Three small kids running amok around you.

3) The person in front of you who stops dead in their tracks without apparent reason.

4) The person and their trolley who block the aisle with complete disregard to anyone else.

5) The two people who round the corners of their respective aisles and realise they must have a catch up whilst blocking all space, leaving you no choice but to execute a backflip over the top of them

6) The person who reaches the checkout and halfway through the process decides they have forgotten some obscure item that can only be obtained from the foothills of the Himalayas during a full moon by a blind person. Needless to say it is out of stock.

7) The person who pays with vouchers that don't add up to the correct value and then spends 35 minutes plumbing the depths of their bag/purse/wallet for some small change whilst desperately hoping that a despairing and stressed checkout operator will find a way out of it or a kind hearted samaritan will help them out.

These are just a small selection of opportunities to practise yielding in the wider world :)

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