Friday, 16 September 2011

Not like a Brick

There should be a sinuosity in our movements. Coiled and powerful like the mythical Dragon.

John Kells remarked that we should be like a brick but with some jelly in it.

How to achieve this? We need to relax and soften so that our joints can loosen. Many people mistakenly pay a lot of attention to the juncture of the hips and torso. This is called a kwa and is a major juncture. However, all joints are a juncture / kwa which should be loose and able to rotate freely and naturally. All joints operate together but not like a rigid brick. This does not mean that we become limp and collapsed though.

We need to investigate this and realise the idea of body as one unit in a very real sense. The knees rotations are especially interesting in generating spiral energy.

I remember watching John Kells doing his form. I have never seen anyone else so alive. It really was as if there was a Dragon coiling / uncoiling in his movements. What an inspiration !

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