Wednesday, 7 September 2011

All Together Now

The title of this post reminds me of the lyrics to some song I can't remember. Perhaps someone can remind me.

What I wanted to touch on is the special nature of doing tai chi as part of a group. Whilst it is true that a large amount of practise is done on your own in order to investigate the principles and embody them in your tai chi / in you, the nature and energy of groupwork should not be lightly dismissed.

The energy of the group can nourish and support you. You might be struggling in class to understand a posture yet somehow the group carries you through it. You forget self to become part of the group. There is no seperation. You feel whole and replenished. You have been fed energetically.

I remember an occasion when we were doing the long form in Regents Park and a young boy was encouraged by his parents to run through our group, laughing loudly. Afterwards Ed,one of the advanced students, commented that the boy would never be the same.

Perhaps I am a bit far out. Who knows? What is your experience of long term groupwork? How does it make you feel? Anyone with serious experience of Zazen retreats will understand the nature of the group experience and it's value.

Keep an open mind.

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