Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Assisting is a Lesson

After a while I began to assist in the beginners' short form classes. Assisting meant helping the instructor and new students by being there to help others go through the postures, leading by example.

John Kells told me to wear a black martial arts uniform. Uniforms convey an aura of knowledge and status. In my case I was probably just one step ahead of the beginners after hastily reading the handbook on the tube.

But assisting is a lesson in itself. It is not about showing off to others that you know more than them or are better in some way. Far from it. Assisting is forgetting self, a reminder that you are there to help others and share your energy on the path we were all taking. Assisting is taking a step back to put yourself in the place of the beginner.

To assist is a lesson in humility.

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  1. And sometimes you do have to assist people who are further ahead than yourself ... So I do agree with everything that you say here: humility is the key word!