Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rush, Rush, Rush

Sometimes we feel as if there is not enough time to do our tai chi. So we end up rushing through our form.

This is not good for our energy. It is better to practise quality rather than quantity, although I've done my fair share of the latter.

At the beginning of your form,stand quietly, letting everything settle and sink. Let thoughts come and go. You are formless, empty. This is the void. When ready, we move, creating the ten thousand things ( code for lots of things/large numbers ) as we generate postures/shapes. At the end of the form, again stand quietly as before. Don't rush off, thinking that's it, I've done my tai chi.

Sometimes you can just stand in the beginning posture as a standing meditation. It is often overlooked in the rush to do the form. For me, the beginning and the end of the form are really important.

I'll leave you to play with that.

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