Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More Long Form Stuff

The short form takes anywhere between 6 -10 minutes to do. It is great if you are short of time and unable to do the long form. Instead of falling into the trap of rushing, you can give 10 minutes of quality focus to your form.

Once I had learned the long form, this became my main practise. The length and duration of practise generated increased energy, exploring a deeper connection and rythm.

Practise 3 forms - once to enter, twice to delve deeper and the third one for spirit. After my third form I always felt wiped out. I had to sit quietly for a while, letting the new energy wash over me, gradually settling.

Practise the long form to increase your energy and to develop greater focus. Become aware of the deeper connections within and without. Try not to just go through the motions.

Be alive.

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