Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dancing Inspiration

We can draw inspiration from many sources. It can be from your teacher, friends, films, books, philosophy, biographies, nature and endless other sources.

Many years ago my father bought me a german copy of Chungliang Al Huang's classic book, Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain. This book is more about living and being in accord with principles of Tai Chi than the Martial Art. His books have recently been reissued by the Singing Dragon imprint.

In 1991 I had the opportunity to do a 2 day workshop with him in London. It was a great weekend. The course participants learned some movement patterns and partnerwork to give form to principles. There was also a lot of movement to music. It was a world away from what I had learned about Tai Chi.

There was an important lesson for me. I was stuck in my feet. My Tai chi was nothing more than some dull, clod like movement, lacking in life and spirit. It gave me a new purpose in my own training.

Outwardly there may not be much to see, but inside I am dancing to the energy.

Are you?

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