Monday, 8 August 2011

Seven Minutes in the Morning

I recall reading that Tai Chi would give you the strength of a lumberjack and the pliability of a young child. Apparently all that was needed was 7 minutes practise every morning. How magical that seemed!

The truth, of course, is very different. In his book Bounce, Matthew Syed explores the connection between sporting success and the thousands of hours of practise that seperate top performers from the rest. The practise must also contain purposeful intent. This is directly applicable to Tai Chi.

My teacher, John Kells, practised relentlessly. Tai Chi is his life. He taught me that if I was serious about Tai Chi, I would need to practise for a minimum of 2 hours every day. This is quite a commitment if you have a job and a family. The great Yang style Tai Chi master Yang Cheng Fu is reputed to have practised 3 long forms 5 times per day. One form takes between 20 - 35 minutes depending on the speed.

This dispels the myth of seven minutes a day. But Magic? Yes, there is Magic to be discovered !

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