Friday, 5 August 2011

Humility to succeed

I like a compliment. I expect you do as well.

When my teacher gave me positive feedback about my tai chi postures in front of my peers, I glowed with egotistical pride. Clearly I was doing well! The attention from the teacher continued over several weeks.

Then it stopped. Completely. Utterly. Why? Was I no longer doing well? Couldn't the teacher see me? Instead, others in the class were receiving attention and praise.

Ego duly dented, I thought about giving up. I'm glad that I didn't. There was a valuable lesson I had to learn. Drop the Ego and false pride. Look beyond that. Learn Humility. Humility is vital to success.

To learn Tai Chi, two things are required:

1) Start Tai Chi.
2) Continue Tai Chi.

Do you have the Humility to succeed?

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