Monday, 22 August 2011

Curiously addicted?

When I started with John Kells, we had a 2hour class once a week. Then there was a 3 hour Sunday afternoon catch up session. This was followed by a Saturday intensive once a month. In addition I tried faithfully to practise 1 hour every day.

After 9 months we had finished learning the short form. Whilst waiting for a long form class to start we could attend other short form classes for half price. Pretty soon I was assisting in the classes. Then I would get to the Tai chi centre an hour earlier to practise and assisted for 4 hours. Eventually I was allowed to stay behind for another hour or so which meant rushing to catch the night bus back to Heathrow Airport, which was near to my home.

It was only a matter of time before I was attending classes every day of the week and getting there early to practise. It would not be an exageration to say it took over my life. This continued for around 5-6 years before other commitments meant I had to cut back going to the centre. I think I was notching up around 36 - 40 hours per week. My mother was aghast, especially as I had managed to wear away part of the lawn. When would I get a proper job and stop all this nonsense?

Thirty years later I am still addicted/enthralled? by Tai Chi. I enjoy it so much. There is so much to still learn and understand.

Perhaps Tai Chi should carry some kind of warning. It is curiously addictive!

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