Saturday, 2 July 2016

John Kells - Mysteries of Reality

Mysteries of reality number thirty-four

The heart is very important. It is so large and strong it is like the offspring of the guts and brains together. It has to be approached indirectly for this to properly exist. The thymus is a single weighted separation that grabs onto the heart and melds with it. This melding is a version of merging, which the back of the heart does with the sacrum as it pulls down with the sacred cord. The front of the heart seeps into the guts, and horizons become melted in the sacred cord leading to the back brain. The back brain circles down inside the body to curl about the shadow body. The time this is a single weighted separation, it is a moving quality that seeks its own level. It is not a block, it has a root in the world and then another beyond infinity, which are horizons accessed by the back brain. There is softness that delineates the ordinary body as it prepares to leave the mother at birth. The father pulls on this by instinct, and acts as a bridge between the mother and soft shadow energy that seeps upwards into the dark energy and pre-life structures of the thoughtless mind.

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