Saturday, 4 July 2015


Here is a short piece from 2010 that John Kells wrote about the Thymus and connection.

Earth inscribes the bubbling wells to wake the thymus power.  So many years that think the belly frees the heart but this new depth is older than the rest, connections truth that burns to understand.  Into that gasp of almost breath stirs purest root, serene as eaglet waiting for the eagle from beyond infinities, meanings energy to start as life, a stage of innocence before the sweat of thought, the swear of need anatomy of where we start, deep and whole, full sight that bars the pillars of the intellect, the dimness that has made the world as is, portraying wisdom that does not have fount.  Myriad are the thymus touches that connect, the place of majesty where we can circulate the energy between us two, us one, us.  Our structures so inspired to character the life that sparks, feedback higher than a joy, oneness penetrating essence before thought., nothing left undone.  Forward is the nature of events, soft is how the elements unfreeze, yielding listens and the focus clears.  Time no longer has a chance as destiny commits as ancestors un-rival what you are.

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