Saturday, 7 April 2012


A new window opened for me when John Kells spoke about dedicating his T'ai Chi practise to another person, for instance, who might be ill.

Doing your form is like a Prayer. The energy gathered can be sent to another person or purpose for healing, as an example.

At the time this concept had never entered my head. I was more concerned with getting the postures right, still caught up in my ego centred image. I had the uniform, the slippers, the books (still attached to my books!) , DVDs and magazines. I let myself be defined by them. Hey, I was a Tai Chi dude, right? ( Cue ridiculous laugher and sickening sounds).

This is fairly common, no matter what the discipline. Some never get past it. What matters most is access to some good teaching and practising / investigating it.

Drop the trappings of your delusion. Image does not mean substance.

Sincerely investigate Form as Prayer.

What have you got to lose?

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