Sunday, 1 April 2012


After the learning the left side form we moved on to Power training.

This consisted in the main of Pressing. This was in two postures, a forward bow and arrow stance with a lean forwards and the hands pressing. Your partner would do the same. As you both leaned forwards the pressing hands would connect. The  idea was to maintain the shape and absorb the force of the other person by sinking into the front leg. At no time should any actual force be used in the arms. The strength came from maintaining ward off energy and sinking, maintaing a positive structure.

The second stance was upright, sinking into the back leg, connecting the pressing hands with those of your partner. The mental intent was strongly forwards at all times.

These exercises developed rooting, ward off energy and a strong back. You would hold the position for a few minutes and then switch to the other leg, reversing the pressing hands. It is extremely importnat to relax and not hold the breath.

Once this had been grasped we would progress to "firing" the other person. The incoming force is absorbed and returned from your spine and legs, bouncing the other person off. An important point is to keep the mind focused forwards as the other person is bounced away.

The lotus root may be broken, but the mind intent is not.

More on this training in a later post.

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