Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Every month John Kells would hold a Saturday Intensive Workshop.

Weather permitting, we would venture into Regents Park and go through our forms. We would then head back to the basement room in the Tai Chi Centre for chinese tea and bread with jam or peanut butter.

After tea we worked on feeling the energy "skins". These started some distance from the body. The stronger the energy of the person, the further out the first skin would be. There were four skins before reaching the body, then the flesh, sinews and bones, the blood and Ch'i and finally the Spirit. We took it in turns to work with each other to feel how different we all were.

If you work with energy you will understand that we all have a particular "feel" by which we can be identified. This work further developed sensitivity which was applied in pushing hands.

Building on this sensitivity allows communication to begin much earlier, before the physical contact. It is a fascinating area of study.

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