Sunday, 15 January 2012


Tai chi emphasises sensitivity to a high degree.

So when you touch someone, you should be feeling their root, the connection to the ground. When they touch you, they should not be able to feel you.

Not everyone chooses to delve into this aspect. A lot pay lip service to the concept. Because frankly it is hard. It's painful. The Chess player Capablanca said you had to lose a thousand games before you could start winning. Cheng Man Ching talks about investing in loss. Few are prepared to undertake this journey because they want to win straight away.

Sensitivity needs to be balanced with order to be able to take it. For me standing in San Ti posture works on developing both aspects.


  1. Hi there Christian. Just curious what san ti posture entails. Thanks for your blog. It helps my practice.
    I remembered a comment from your blog, while practicing taichi early today, where you spoke of allowing the taichi movements move the body rather than imposing the body on the form.
    Not sure if I have expressed exactly the idea - you said it better the first time.

    1. For details about Santi see