Saturday, 13 May 2017

John's Walking Meditation

John Kells spent a lot of time doing, for want of a better word, meditation whilst walking. He repeated a number of phrases or "blessings" as he called them.

This is one that he and I did. Although he changed it later I have found this one beneficial for me in terms of energy. You visualise the area for each phrase.

Walk in a circle. You move from the Sacrum. The hands are held with some life in them, not limp.

1/ Ancestors merge with destiny  ( Here the energy is visualised entering at the ming men point and connecting to the area of the temples.

2/ Thymus   ( attention on the Thymus chakra)

3/ Soul     ( the lingtai point between the shoulder blades )

4/ Sacred Bowl  ( the Throat chakra )

5/ Spleen   (awareness to the spleen )

6/ Liver (awareness to the Liver )

7/ Kidneys  (awareness tot he Kidneys )

8/ Heel (awareness to the heel )

9/ Aum or Om Say x 3 -three steps for this ( this is the Xiphoid process at the lower part of the sternum)

This will seem odd at first but after a while it becomes very energising.

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