Sunday, 4 December 2016

Mysteries of Reality

Mysteries of reality number eighteen


Many parts of our body connect with the outside world and are the root of what has come to be called senses. The five main senses are all influenced strongly by touch. Everything touches, but the aum stretching from nipple to nipple and a hand width wide, each half curving to the centre to make a rough figure of eight. To bring power to such a famous and unknown structure is beyond the capacity to make small. Peripheral vision is the eyes touching everything without a mean or selfish concentration. It is a largely unused talent, without it the person has a tunnel vision which is unable to pick out the truth, which is cushioned by environment. What is inside you works all the time. All the time is without time. Obsessed by such a commotion we have clocks and whole systems of training devoted to the 60 minutes—the number 60 from ancient times. Peripheral vision is the start of transmission because both teacher and pupil are active in this transmission. The hard quality of structures work from the inside of a ruby or a sapphire, change their colour and influence what they mean. This must be approached softly or the meaning shrinks and disappears.

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