Monday, 17 October 2016

John Kells - Mysteries of Reality

Mysteries of reality twenty-seven

Each structure has an essence, each essence is hardly there, but all the essences add up to the truth, held in the Pineal amygdala where the stalks of the eyes meet in the brain. This juxtaposition has a power recognised for centuries, but beyond structure we have the essence of structure itself, which is existence. You can play with existence but not very much. This attitude to existence echoes with peace, which is a quality we trust exists. This trust we call hope. Hope is what gets you up in the morning, and peace is what puts you to bed at night. Pineal amygdala asks for the truth. Truth asks for the thoughtless mind. The thoughtless mind knows that caring love has its own reasons. This statement cannot be crushed by ignorance or greed. What is absolutely demanded is belief, surrounding the thoughtless mind with care and a strong sense of humour. No humour, no truth, no peace, no use for sensitivity. In one sense sensitivity is your suit of armour—you are protected, but not by armour but naked truth. The pain is the taste you can look for. Blood in your own mouth. You have been in a fight and have not backed off or away. You are at the edge of beyond and beyond is your best friend in this situation. Trust is the blow of belief. The blow you strike now is the total magnificent “no thing”.

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