Wednesday, 1 June 2016

John Kells - Mysteries of Reality

Another excerpt, this time about Dark Energy

Mysteries of reality thirty-five

Dark energy

What is interesting about this mystery is that we come from somewhere solid on the way to a liquid power. Pre-life energy is real, other energies must learn to acknowledge this. The rest of the world does not understand and thereby loses the point of existence. You have to find the route of the guts. The guts have a character and the character grips the horizon so strongly that the dark energy comes out the other side of the shadow body to mingle with the father and mother as a completely new birth, and the larynx relaxes so the communication improves. Dark energy comes out the other side. Shadow body is connected to normal body so strongly that this makes the normal body. This comes from another dimension that is sensitive to power of guts, reaches into guts—a new dimension makes up a new mystery that does not have words to describe but has the origin of power sitting like a jewel, like a heart beating in the middle of the guts, connecting and pulsing with the brain. You have become a new creature not just a human being but a true being. Liking is beside the point, caring is the point. Caring has the power of giving and giving discovers the beginning of love. The route of the guts is the pelvis pulling down the upper and middle tan tiens, which form a cup for the guts. The cup is sacred and it is a shadow cup to the sacred bowl and the meaning is a new and perpetual life.

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