Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Settled and Supported

Supported weight is achieved by relaxing the torso so it can be carried by strong legs.

To this end we use different techniques including weights to build powerful thigh muscles.

This is ok as far as it goes.

Much better is to let the energy settle deep into the ground. In this way the body is naturally supported by the earth rising up through a relaxed body.

Relaxed includes the legs, which are the hardest part of the body to let go.

Settling does not require the development of powerful legs. It does require the ability to visualise energy slowly settling down the front of the torso, legs, through the feet and softly into the earth.

No great intellectual process is needed, just feeling and faith.

You will then softly plug into the energy in and around you.

Don't believe a word. Practise.

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