Thursday, 7 June 2012

Yiquan Poem 2

Here is the next Yiquan Poem

Copyright as before by Professor Chang Shao Quan and Heron Beecham, reproduced with permission.


The summit is far and high in Chinese martial study;
The achievement depends upon the practice of a lifetime.

Deft movement appears beyond normal shape;
Good applications are performed without specific intent.

May practitioners study and seek a profound level of Kung-fu;
Be continuously careful, making use of false and empty.

Mind one's own actions cautiously as a cat watches over a rat;
But deal with enemies fiercely as a tiger captures a sheep.

Both spirit and energy spring up from the dan tian;
The strength is better drawn through smoothly and deeply.

Do not draw too near the enemy, nor separate from him too much;
One will achieve success in the pursuit of skill after being forged over many years.

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