Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yiquan Poem 1

Yiquan was developed by Wang Xiangzhai ( 1885 - 1963 ).

One of the main aspects is holding static postures. This is termed " Pile Standing ". I will be posting a series of " Poems " which have a Yiquan flavour over the next few months and which will be of interest to serious students.

These Poems were translated by Professor Chang Shao Quan and Heron Beecham who hold the copyright and are reproduced here with permission.

Poems use imagery and capture an essence with a unique flavour, to be returned to time and time again as our practise develops and deepens.

Poem 1.

The spirit takes on the manner of a panther gazing into the mist;
The energy so sensitive that dust can hardly land upon the body.

 The profound essentials can only be found in the places where skill resides;
The strength is created in the tendons and muscles, but the spirit is kept in the bones.

When the frame is quiet, it is like a hawk watching over the tops of the trees;
When in motion, it is like a dragon moving swiftly through the rolling waves in a flood

Through respiration the source of our internal energy can be joined with heaven;
The roaring of the breath is so powerful, it will move wind and rain a great distance.

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