Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Count of One

When we were learning applications to the form, John Kells broke down the movements so it was possible to work on the different components and energies of the technique.

So Step forward, deflect downwards,intercept and punch could consist in stages of a low kick to the shin of the attacker, followed by scraping down it and stepping on their foot. At the same time the right hand would arc up making a fist to meet an oncoming fist, draw it back and down whilst the left hand came up to trap the oncoming elbow. Finally the right hand could punch forwards as you stepped in. This is just a general idea as there are variations.

In this manner techniques were broken down into different counts. Whilst this was useful for learning what was going on, the application would eventually have to be done on the count of one, having absorbed the different stages to make it a whole. There can be no hesitation, no stopping to think about it. This is too slow.

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